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Learn How To Start Your Own Roofing Business

September 10, 2012 2 comments

With a number of roofs that need to be replaced and in high demand, the roofing business promises a lot of opportunities. If you are looking on how to start a roofing business, you should know that this work is difficult but this business is easy to start. A number of residential and commercial buildings need a regular roof repair and roof replacement that need to be completed, especially with all the insurance claims. The roofs can be damaged or they may leak no matter what precautions one takes. To avoid such damages, building a roofing company is a stable business to start with. A lot of preparations and skill goes into roofing industry. A basic license for this business is required. With a small capital, you can make your roofing company profitable and successful.

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your own roofing business

How do you start a roofing business and what do you need?

If you are wondering how to start a roofing business, well the first thing you should do is walk to your nearest courthouse. Apply for your business license by paying a nominal application fees. Once you have your business license, you are ready to start your work. Now you may consider buying some business insurance. Your local agencies will help you to get quotes that will provide you security and coverage in case of accidents where the customer’s property is destroyed or damaged. You might even get injured during your work, thus it would be better if you have your business insurance. Also customers would like to deal with companies that provide safe assistance.

You Must Advertise Your Roofing Business:

Your business will be successful only when you have customers. And because you are new in the field, purchasing advertisement for your company should be a good deal. TV or newspaper ads, radio or magazines are certain advertising mediums that will promote your business. If your business budget is small, try to prepare hand outs and deliver them door to door. This may not be the best method, but starting this way may show you some progressive results. If you are serious about how to start a roofing business, then find ways of initial income that will help promote your company.

Roofing Sales Training:

Like all of us expects say, “Nothing happens until you sell something” ,and this is so true. Products and services need to be sold and home improvement products need to be sold with value added components. The homeowner is about to make a huge investment when installing a new roof, vinyl siding or replacement Windows and seamless gutters so they need to feel very comfortable before moving forward with the project. So you need to familiarize yourself with all aspects of value selling techniques which add long-term durability to home, but also will protect your largest investment. so if you’ve never had any type of sales training make sure to get a copy of the Roofing Business Blueprint as this does offer a lot of high-quality sales training, software and many other online marketing techniques that are free. Using social media is a great powerful way to get free local targeted search results.

Create Your Business Portfolio:

roofing businessPrepare a portfolio of your earlier works that you can show to your clients. Your portfolio should contain a group of photographs displaying your earlier work or repair and roof installations. You may also keep references of your previous clients that you can connect to. Make it a point to keep these references prepared well in time and agreed to make a positive reply and review of your work. Make Sure You Have A Nice Prepared Pitch Book
Create a story that is easy for your customer to understand, and add some all important referrals.

My Final Thoughts:

Remember to keep aside money that you will pay as tax at the end of year. Do not invest all of your profit in the business. Depending upon the climatic conditions of your area, the roofing business may slow down during winter season. So keep your budget according to your business season and do not invest more that what you have at the starting phase. Sales engineers and managers can help a lot in how to start a roofing business and make it a profitable job, because they are aware to deal with both private and commercial clients. While the job opportunities differ, you may assign a single person for this.