Highest Quality -vs- The Lowest Price

Roofing  (3)When you visit a home to complete an estimate you should always be offering the highest quality workmanship possible in your market place. Home owners want a quality job, and will pay for the quality. The last thing a home owner wants is the roof to leak after your job has been completed. Many contractors believe that the lowest price is the only way to get a signed agreement, and they go into the estimate thinking about how they can buy the lowest quality materials. Then the contractor will hire some people, and offer a lower pay to complete the work.

Now first of all, the home owner has no idea what is about to happen to them, they think they just got a great deal on this roof installation. Meanwhile they sign the contract without asking the question needed to protect themselves against the nightmare that is about to happen, and I’m not saying this will happen on every job because it does not.  But when you hire guys to install roofing shingles, and you don’t give them the installation payment for which the roofing industry demands, you better believe that they will not give you 100% of their effort. The workmanship quality will go down, If the installer thinks he is getting cheated or ripped off, and not getting the standard payment for his quality or his expertise, he is not going to put all his effort into what he is doing.Roofing  (2)

When buying roofing supply’s for a roof installation, you had better buy the best quality materials that are available. Again homeowners will have no idea what you are offering, and this is where the roofing contractor will make product decisions to lower the price. The home owner on the other hand is thinking, again I getting a great deal on this roof. This is how contractors get in trouble, they think the lowest price is going to help them, and they could not be more wrong.

Here is what happens in many roofing installations when price has been the deciding facture. The job will get started, and the roof is torn off and maybe one side or a section gets completed. A tarp get installed on the unfinished section, the next day hopefully the roofing contractor returns and finishes the job. Or because the contractor hired installers that do not specialize in this field, and the guys could not get out of bed because they are not feeling well, or the contractor had to start another job because he used the deposit for something other than materials for the job. What happens quite often with the lowest price contractors is that the get upside down in deposits and they have to use money from one job to pay for another. ..I’m Ready To Start My Own Roofing Business

Typically, you want to keep those deposits separate from job to job, but it really happens that way. Contractor have bills to pay like everyone else but when you charge the lowest price, and cannot pay your help on-time the workman will not show up to complete the work. Again this does not happen with every contractor who is sellinRoofingg work by offering the lowest price, but if you do not factor all of your overhead into the job, it will only be a matter of time before you get into that vicious circle of deposits, robbing Peter to pay Paul, and trying to dig their way out of that problem.

My thought for home owners beware of the lowest price, and roofing contractor check out our roofing business start-up kit which shows you how to sell your roofing job, and charge enough to pay your bills.

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